Therapeutic Services Offered

Therapeutic Massage


  • Chair Massage - 30 Min $30

With this modality we are able to hone in on areas of discomfort; able to offer a focused session; client can be clothed; is ideal for corporate settings & individuals with limited time as well as pregnant women.


  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage - 30 Min $45    60 Min $75    90 Min $105

Deep Tissue is primarily used for rehabilitation diminishing knots to break down adhesed restricted tissue, toxins and calcium deposits. For athletic clients it often reduces and helps the injury site heal, reduces cramps and spasms, increases movement and flexibility and improves muscle tone.

  • Swedish Massage - 30 Min $30    60 Min $60    90 Min $90

Suggested for rest & relaxation. Utilizes long flowing strokes. (90 session with reflexology is $95)

  • Muscle Release Technique - 60 Min $80

This technique is a unique injury therapy that combines compression, extension, movement & breath to give the therapist a tool to often provide relief from pain in one treatment. Scar tissue is broken up, muscle is lengthened, muscle memory is restored and pain relief begins.

  • La Stone Therapy/Hot Stone - 90 Min $115

Therapist always uses heated stones; at times cool in certain areas. Stone therapy offer a deeper dimension of relaxation; heat promotes changes in the physiological responses from within our bodies. We use chakra stones & finish with your choice of lavender OR green tea scrub.

  • Massage Cupping - 30 Min $50    60 Minutes $80

Based on the ancient Chinese technique of Cupping we create suction & negative pressure. This can be used to drain fluids, toxins, loosen an adhesion & lift connective tissue which brings blood flow to stagnant muscles & skin. A warm tingling sensation & a little redness due to increased blood supply (with strong cupping) is common to last beyond the treatment.


  • CBD Oil Massage - (for pain relief) 

    • Swedish 60 minutes $70      90 minutes $100

    • Deep Tissue 60 minutes $85     90 minutes $115


For the Feet


  • Reflexology - 30 Min $35    60 Min $65    90 Min $95

We have over 1000 nerve endings at the base of our feet which correspond with organs & glands in the body. Reflexology uses acupressure on the soles of the feet & reflex points to relieve congestion in the body. It relieves stress, improves circulation & boosts the immune system restoring balance.

  • Peppermint Foot Therapy - 60 Min $60

Your feet are submerged in a foot bath with muscle-ache hydrotherapy oils, followed by a peppermint scrub to relax and invigorate. Peppermint lotion is massaged to promote circulation to tired, achy feet & warm booties help soften skin & penetrate deep into tissue.

  • Herbal Detox Soak - w/STEPHANIE - 60 Min $85

A purifying herbal soak that de-stresses & hydrates dry skin including a hydrating peel treatment for calluses. While you soak enjoy a scalp massage with Shiatsu Treatment.

  • 1/2 & 1/2 Treatment - w/STEPHANIE - 60 Min $85

A purifying herbal detox foot soak followed by an aromatherapy foot massage; in conjunction with reflexology points & ending with a 30 minute focused massage.

  • Deluxe Soak - w/STEPHANIE - 90 Min $120

She elevates your herbal soak by adding a lavender paraffin hand dip & back massage with green tea scrub. Hot towels warm the skin before it is moisturized with green tea lotion.

Facials & Body Treatments


  • Seasonal Body Scrub/Polish - 90 Min $95

A mixture of salt scrub or exfoliating cream, minerals to balance, iron to strengthen & sulfates to beautify the skin. Dead skin cells & rough areas are exfoliated, hydrated & softened. As each of these process they cleanse, draw out toxins & improve the flow of nutrients to the skin's surface.

  • Basic Facial - $50

Rejuvenating focus on the face using all natural products. Warm & cool towels are applied, then a homemade all natural masque is applied & finally a relaxing neck massage completes this treatment. We don't realize how many wonderful sensory nerve endings are on our awesome faces!

  • Back Facial - $60   With heated stones $80

The back houses the central nervous system & needs special attention. Using exfoliating mitts to cleanse & slough off dead skin cells, the procedure is similar to a basic facial. Ancient healing clay is applied followed by steaming hot towels to soften & remove the masque, then finished with a toner & back massage.

  • European Herbal Facial - $65

A masque is crafted from scratch for the client as the face steams over a basin of herbs including lavender, rose petals, calendula. Arms, neck, hands & declorte are massaged as well as the face while the aromatherapy is in progress. Cool compresses are applied to soothe and relax, followed by toning & cleansing the skin.

  • La Stone Facial - $75

After starting off with the basic facial we add heated stones to massage the face, arms, neck & declorte. Not only is the skin rejuvenated but you will feel the stress melt away with every pass of the warm stones across your skin.

  • Ultimate Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Facial - $85

Instant gratification for your face, hands and feet! This all natural facial combines 100 % natural fruit acid with a 10% glycolic polymer formula rich in vitamin A & made from pumpkin extract, pumpkin wine, pumpkin enzymes, D-Beta fructan & essential oils. The nutrient rich enzymes deep clean and decongest pores makes skin look vibrant, like a fresh from vacation flow! this delicious smelling treatment continues by adding moisture to the hands and feet and then you are wrapped in warm mitts and booties to allow the heat to soften and hydrate tissue. You then receive a luscious massage to your neck, shoulders and scalp.


Add-On Services - Add-on services are 20 Min $20 each

  • Back Masque

A luxurious masque is applied to the back to improve circulation, skin texture, & extract pore clogging impurities & debris. Induces cell regeneration & promotes cellular oxygenation.

  • Reflexology

Uses accupressure on the soles of the feet with reflex points and relieving congestion in many other areas of the body.

  • Scalp, Face & Neck Massage

So many wonderful sensory nerve endings radiate throughout the entire body. Experience irresistible warm sensations while calming essential oils are applied.

  • Lavender/Tea Tree Oil Scrub

Exfoliate the skin while relaxing with the scent of essential oils. Warm towel helps to remove the scrub while relaxing the skin.

Hair Removal

Bikini $15                 Full Leg (w/Bikini) $65          Upper Legs $30               Lower Legs $30              Back $40              Lower Back $12      Inner Thighs $12               Hands $8                       Underarms $10               Arms $30                      Brows $10             Sideburns $8         Upper Lip $7              Lower Lip & Chin  $8            Below Chin $5


  • Reiki - w/ARTHUR - 30 Min $35    60 Min $65

You are clothed (wearing your feel-good clothes) while Arthur works with your own bodies' energy to help heal yourself.

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